Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oneness - Part II

This is the Part II in my series of posts on Oneness. The symbol to the left is my symbol for Oneness and in Part I, I discussed the "o". To briefly recap, the symbol is "one" - specifically (little "o", the infinity sign, and little "e").

I also explained that in our physical universe, an illusion of God's creation and ours, we can start by thinking of the "o" as "We are all One." However, in our ultimate reality where we are our purest energy, our souls, we can broaden the idea of Oneness to mean that "All is One."

Now let us look at the second character the "n" or the "infinity" character. And yes, I am saying that "We are all infinite." Some religions, tell us that God is omnipresent, but the concept of Oneness implies that we are all omnipresent.

Let us look at the idea that "We are all infinite" from two perspectives. The first way to think of this is from the perspective of our physical illusion, the universe. In this perspective, the physical illusion implies form (grass, rocks, animals, people, molecules, etc...), and this implies distance (yards, miles, kilometers, light years, etc...). Form and distance can be summed up as our physical universe.

Since we are looking at this from the perspective of the physical illusion, I will start with our Oneness definition of "We are all one." If we are part of everyone, then part of us is where everyone else is at any moment. That means that we are everywhere, hence infinite.

This idea is the basis of many Buddhist teachings. You may have seen quotes that refer to somebody saying that they are "nowhere" or "everywhere and nowhere". That is because if you are everywhere then you can be "nowhere" - in particular.

The second way to think of "We are all infinite" is from the perspective of the ultimate reality where God is everything. In the ultimate reality we are our purest energy - our souls. God is us (our souls) and we are all part of God. We are all part of everything, or put another way, our energy extends to everything and vice versa. Hence, we are one and we are infinite.

You may think that I am over simplifying my explanation of this. Yes, it is true that a deeper discussion of this could and has filled many books, but at some point that is just fun thinking and pondering. I've found that as we move our perspective to the utlimate reatlity, everything does become amazingly simple. It is our physical illusion, our universe, and our individuality (driven by our egos), that causes things to become over complicated. It is the ultimate reality where we find God and ourselves/our-selves/our souls all distilled down to the essence of everything - energy. As Albert Einstein said, "When the solution is simple, God is answering."

So now we have combined "All is one" with "infinite". Hopefully, this is helping to deepen your understanding of Oneness. I will conclude this series of posts in Part III with an explanation of the third character "e". Perhaps you already know where I'm going to go with that. In the meantime, it might be helpful to go back to Part I and re-read how the Mayans, Hindus and The Beatles preceived Oneness.

Consider the possibility that what you do to others, society, or the planet are really things that you are also doing to yourself.

Oh, and I AM still the walrus. koo koo ka choo.

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