Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oneness - Part I

You may have been wondering about this image. The image in my Profile. It is my own creation that symbolizes an important aspect of my personal "spiritual journey of remembering". It symbolizes Oneness. This Post is the first in a series of Posts that will discuss my interpretation of this image and the concept of Oneness.

The symbol is "one" - specifically (little "o", the infinity sign, and little "e").

So I'm going to start at the beginning with "o". Our physical universe, God's creation and ours, is an illusion. In this realm of physical illustion the individual and the ego tend to dominate our perspective. Given that, our first step in understanding Oneness is to define it as "We are all One." If, however, we step back from this realm of physcal illusion to our ultimate reality where we are our purest energy, our souls, our understanding of oneness can deepen. We can the broaden the idea of Oneness to include the fact that "God is everything." God is everything means that god is "all" of the energy, us, the grass, the water, etc. You may think of it as God is in each of us and we are in God and that point Oneness means that "All is One."

For this discussion I will focus on Oneness as it has been, is, and can be understood within our physical illusion i.e. the universe.

Oneness is not a new concept. In Mayan Cosmology (the most recent period starting around 3100 b.c.) there is a saying - "In lak’ech …A lak’en" which means "I am you, and you are me. What I do to myself, and everything that lives, I do to you. What you do to yourself and all that is in this universe, you do to me." Around 2500 b.c. the Vedic form of Sanskrit became stadardized. The Sanskrit word Namaste, which means "The Light of God in Me recognizes and honors The Light of God in You and in that recognition is our Oneness."The dates given just indicate a ballpark estimate by scholars as to when a period began, but does not help us determine - with any accuracy - whan each civilization developed this common concept.

Now, jump forward four or five thousand years. The Beatles sang "Iam you and you are me and we are all together." The time they spent in Indian in the 1960s clearly had a profound influence on them. They brought the ancient concpet of Oneness to the majority of the Western world for the first time. And, they it inserted smack dab into the middle of the mainstream at time of enormous cultural, societale, politcal and spiritual reflection, upheaval and transformation.

Oneness is a universal truth that has been know in many times, places and societies. Many thousands of years and many thousands of miles seperate many cultures that -on the surface - are very different, but clearly they came to the same conclusions and all are One at their core.

Hopefully, this will give you plenty to ponder until my next installment/Post on this topic. I'm curious to know your thoughts.

Oh, and I AM the walrus. koo koo ka choo


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great to see your thoughts and sharing on Oneness! i have also posted my share of oneness experience. invite you to my space!